It's time to prep for 10G

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The tantalizing prospect of 10G internet service — which would be 10 times faster than today's 1G networks — is starting to take shape, and soon city officials will need to set policy guidelines for this next generation of cable broadband. For now, ubiquitous 1 gigabit internet is "really going to be needed to ensure that the U.S. is at the forefront of global economic growth and opportunity," says Angie Kronenberg of INCOMPAS, the internet and competitive networks trade association. (INCOMPAS issued a new policy paper aimed at impressing lawmakers with the immediate need for broadband funding.) Kronenberg's advice to city officials:

  • Plan for an effective and efficient permitting process.
  • Add networks, not fees.
  • Update maps to detect where connectivity problems lie.
  • Provide "future proof" networks by prioritizing the laying of fiber.

It's time to prep for 10G Broadband Blueprint (INCOMPAS)