How Big Cable is organizing against net neutrality

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Free Press says that Rep Gene Green (D-TX) is asking colleagues to sign onto a letter urging Federal Communications Commission Chairman Wheeler not to reclassify broadband.

"In the years that broadband service has been subjected to relatively little regulation, investment and deployment have flourished and broadband competition has increased," the letter argues. The letter warns that reclassification could open the door to a "wide array of regulatory burdens and restrictions" that could halt progress toward improved broadband service.

"I respectfully urge you to consider the effect that regressing to a Title II approach might have on private companies’ ability to attract capital," it concludes. Free Press also says that Tom Downey, a former member of Congress and current cable lobbyist, is contacting members of Congress and urging them to sign on.

Brian Dietz of the National Cable and Telecommunications Association declined to comment on that report, but he didn't deny that the group was "making our views known as widely as possible.”

How Big Cable is organizing against net neutrality