Timothy Lee

Senator-Elect Josh Hawley (R-MO) could be Google’s fiercest critic

Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley's victory over Sen Claire McCaskill (D-MO) is an ominous sign for one company in particular: Google. Hawley campaigned as an antagonist to big technology companies in general and Google in particular.

New law forces Google to suspend political ads in Washington state

A strict new real-time disclosure law has forced Google to suspend political advertising in the Washington state.

Why you should assume your e-mail will get hacked or leaked eventually

The Podesta leak hasn’t just been embarrassing for John Podesta, it has also been embarrassing for many other Hillary Clinton campaign staffers who communicated with him.

Why the strongest case for AT&T's merger with Time Warner is also the case against it

[Commentary] There’s growing concern on both the right and the left that major media conglomerates are becoming too concentrated.

This ruling should worry every software patent owner

[Commentary] We have gotten our first taste of the practical consequences of the June landmark decision from the Supreme Court restricting patents on software.

13 ways the NSA spies on us

Here's a handy guide to the most significant ways the National Security Agency spies on people in the United States and around the world:

NSA admits it lets the FBI access its warrantless spying database

The House of Representatives voted to bar the Obama Administration from engaging in a controversial surveillance practice that insiders call a "backdoor search."

Is Bitcoin a joke? People thought that about the internet too.

A Q&A with Marc Andreessen, venture capitalist.

The most important sentence in the Supreme Court's cell phone privacy ruling

The Supreme Court decision of Riley v. California isn't just a landmark ruling on cell phone privacy. It also represents a dramatic shift in the high court's attitude toward technology and privacy.

The Supreme Court's Aereo decision could endanger cloud storage services

A lot of people expected Aereo to lose its Supreme Court case. The real question has always been whether a ruling against Aereo would have implications for other online services.