Holland, Michigan, voters approve citywide high-speed internet proposal

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Holland (MI) is getting a citywide high-speed internet network that will be funded by taxpayer dollars after voters approved a $30 million ballot proposal in the city's election. The city of Holland asked voters on August 2, to approve a municipal fiber optic internet network that would provide fast and affordable internet across the city, and would be paid for and maintained through public funds. Pete Hoffswell, superintendent of broadband services for the Holland Board of Public Works, said the overall goal of the project is to make internet more accessible and affordable in Holland – a need that proved to be vital during the coronavirus pandemic. By installing a tax-funded open access fiber network, the Holland Board of Public Works would be able to provide customers with high-speed and secure internet services that would be available throughout the city, he said. Private internet service providers would also be able to use the infrastructure to offer their own broadband services, at up to 10 gigabits per second. Residents connected to the city’s fiber network would be able to sign up for those services.

Holland voters approve citywide high-speed internet proposal