Group of 76 Organizations Leads Parade for FCC Action

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Looking to light a fire under the Federal Communications Commission, a group of 76 organizations have written FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler and the other commissioners to urge them to take action on three items and issues currently before the commission. Those are the set-top box proposal, broadband privacy and the zero-rating plan investigation. The groups asked the commission to "liberate" consumers from the set-top "monopoly", "promulgate rules that foster trust in the integrity of broadband privacy", and "prohibit abusive data caps and zero rating plans that violate net neutrality." The letter reads, "Each of these issues has been discussed by policymakers fo ryears, if not decades. Further delay would put internet users' privacy in jeopardy and undermine longstanding efforts." Among the many signatories to the letter, which was dated Oct 17, are Public Knowledge, Free Press, Demand Progress, the Center for Digital Democracy, and the Benton Foundation.

Group of 76 Organizations Leads Parade for FCC Action Letter to Chairman Wheeler and Commissioners (Read the letter) PK Joins 75 Groups in FCC Letter to Protect the Internet, Online Privacy and Video Choice (Public Knowledge) 76 groups urge FCC to move on set-top and broadband privacy proposals, zero-ratings investigation (Fierce)