GOP Senators Release Outline of $568 Billion Infrastructure Plan

A group of Senate Republicans released the outline for a $568 billion infrastructure plan, putting out a GOP alternative to President Biden’s $2.3 trillion plan as lawmakers seek a bipartisan compromise on the issue. The two-page Republican plan—which includes spending on roads, transit systems, and broadband internet over five years—doesn’t provide specifics on how it would cover the cost of the bill, a central issue in the talks. The GOP proposal calls for collecting user fees for electric vehicles and repurposing existing federal spending, while opposing Biden’s proposed tax increases on companies. Of the $568 billion in the outline, $299 billion would go toward roads and bridges, an increase from the $115 billion the Biden administration’s plan proposes. The GOP plan also dedicates $61 billion to public transit systems, $20 billion to rail and $65 billion for broadband. Overall, though, the GOP offer is a fraction of the size of Biden’s proposal, which will likely limit its support among Democrats. 

GOP Senators Release Outline of $568 Billion Infrastructure Plan Senate Republicans unveil $568 billion infrastructure counterproposal (Axios)