Georgia Launches Broadband Availability Map

Georgia’s Broadband Availability Map is a new tool that will bring more transparency about the internet marketplace and clarify which Georgia households do not have access to high-speed internet. More than a million Georgians lack access to reliable high-speed internet service. The Georgia Broadband Availability Map gives a new view of the difference between access to high-speed internet in metropolitan and rural areas. Of the more than 507,000 homes and businesses lacking access to reliable broadband service at speeds of 25/3 mpbs, nearly 70% of these locations are in rural parts of Georgia. The State’s new map is based on location-specific data, which is a more accurate reflection of which Georgia households have high-speed internet available via wireline, such as fiber optic cable. This new Georgia broadband map is the first to utilize an enhanced location-level methodology to map broadband access with a high degree of precision. This “first in the nation” approach was a collaborative effort between private providers and the Georgia Broadband Office within the Department of Community Affairs (DCA). While the new map signifies where high-speed internet service is available, it does not indicate where Georgians are subscribing to internet services. That information is held by the private providers who have service offerings in various areas.

State Launches Broadband Availability Map FCC vs Georgia Broadband Deployment Initiative Comparison Georgia Broadband Deployment Initiative GBDI Unserved by County Georgia Broadband Deployment Initiative Unserved Georgia