Frontier plans 495,000 new fiber passings in 2021

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Frontier Communications emerged from bankruptcy. The company's new strategy has everything to do with deploying more fiber. Frontier plans to double its fiber network to ultimately pass more than 6 million homes and businesses. In 2021, it plans to extend its fiber to pass 495,000 more locations. It’s already extended the network to pass an additional 100,000 new locations in the first quarter. Frontier’s network, comprised of fiber and copper connections, spans 25 states. It counts 180,000 fiber route miles. Its base fiber network, which is fiber that is in the ground today, passes 3.2 million homes and businesses. The company began its fiber expansion in January 2020, and to date it has added more 200,000 passings. So, its total fiber footprint, now, is 3.4 million passing. However, the lion’s share of its connectivity is built on copper, which passes 11.8 million locations.

Frontier plans 495,000 new fiber passings in 2021 New Frontier Aims to Become Largest U.S. Pure Play Fiber Provider (telecompetitor)