Frontier extends fiber past more than 300,000 sites in Texas and Connecticut

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Frontier Communications is advancing its fiber deployments in pockets of the US. The company said that as part of the initial phase of its multi-year expansion efforts it’s deploying fiber broadband connections past an additional 280,000 consumers in Connecticut and an additional 24,000 consumers in San Angelo (TX) in 2021. Frontier is positioning its fiber service as an alternative to cable, saying it provides “uploads up to 25X faster than our cable competitors," and plans to double its fiber network to ultimately cover more than 6 million homes and businesses. In 2021, it plans to extend its fiber to pass 495,000 more locations. With their announcement of more than 300,000 new fiber passings in Texas and Connecticut, it’s made a big stride in its 2021 goal. Frontier’s network, comprised of fiber and copper connections, currently spans 25 states.

Frontier extends fiber past more than 300,000 sites in Texas, Connecticut