Fort Collins, Colorado, Lights Up Community-Owned Broadband Utility

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In Fort Collins (CO), Connexion broadband service broke ground in early 2019, but the desire to equip the city with service dates back more than a decade. Broadband discussions have been incorporated into Fort Collins' strategic plans since 2014. The city's plans now include broadband as a specific strategic objective: “Encourage the development of reliable, high-speed internet services throughout the community.” After years of thoughtful planning and community feedback, Fort Collins began building a fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) network in February 2019. The network is set to be complete in 2022. The new service will bring gigabit-speed internet, phone and video to all Fort Collins residents and businesses. Connexion expects to complete the installation of its fiber optic network by the end of this year and is turning on new services in neighborhoods weekly. A $120 million bond Fort Collins residents approved in 2017 provides the funding to build and improve the municipality’s infrastructure to support broadband service for all qualifying residents.

Fort Collins Lights Up Community-Owned Broadband Utility