FCC Revokes China Telecom America's Telecommunications Services Authority

The Federal Communications Commission adopted an order ending China Telecom America’s ability to provide domestic interstate and international telecommunications services within the United States. The Order on Revocation and Termination directs China Telecom Americas to discontinue any domestic or international services that it provides pursuant to its section 214 authority within sixty days following the release of the order. Promoting national security is an integral part of the FCC’s responsibility to advance the public interest, and today’s action carries out that mission to safeguard the nation’s telecommunications infrastructure from potential security threats. Based in part on the recommendation of the Executive Branch agencies, the FCC found that China Telecom Americas failed to rebut the serious concerns of the Executive Branch about its continued presence in the United States. In December 2020, the FCC launched a proceeding and established a process that allowed for China Telecom Americas, the Executive Branch agencies, and the public to present any remaining arguments or evidence in the matter. Based on the totality of the extensive unclassified record alone, the FCC’s public interest analysis finds that the present and future public interest, convenience, and necessity is no longer served by China Telecom Americas’ retention of its section 214 authority.

FCC Revokes China Telecom America's Telecom Services Authority FCC kicks China Telecom Americas out of US, cites Chinese government control (Ars Technica)