FCC Reaches Out to Collect Consumer Broadband Availability Experiences

The Federal Communications Commission announced it will begin collecting first-hand accounts on broadband availability and service quality directly from consumers as part of its Broadband Data Collection program. A new webpage, www.fcc.gov/BroadbandData, explains the FCC’s program and provides direct links to consumer resources including a new “share your broadband experience” option. As the Commission develops the tools needed to enhance the accuracy of its existing broadband maps, this new form provides a way for consumers to share their broadband experiences. Stories shared by consumers will help to inform the work of the FCC’s crossagency Broadband Data Task Force. 

In addition to enabling consumers to share their experiences, the new web page will serve as an informational hub for the Broadband Data Collection program, highlighting milestones and providing updates for consumers, state, local, and Tribal government entities, and other industry stakeholders. The page contains links to reports and educational materials, as well as FCC releases related to the program. Once launched, information about the new Broadband Data Collection reporting systems will also be posted to the page.

FCC Reaches Out to Collect Consumer Broadband Availability Experiences View the Webpage You can now tell the FCC just how broken the internet is for you (Vox) PSA: The FCC Wants to Know How Much Your Internet Sucks (Vice)