FCC Consumer Advisory Committee Solicits Round of Nominations for Membership

The Federal Communications Commission is soliciting nominations for membership on the Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC). Nominations for membership are due September 21, 2022. The FCC seeks nominations from interested nonprofit organizations, corporations, trade associations, government agencies, or other entities from both the public and private sectors, who wish to be considered for CAC membership for a two-year term of service. Selections will be made based on factors such as expertise and diversity of viewpoints that are necessary to effectively address the topics before the CAC. Individuals may also apply for membership in their individual capacities rather than as representatives. All organizational and all individual members appointed to the CAC or its working groups are subject to an ethics review by the FCC's Office of General Counsel. After the FCC has reviewed nominations, it will notify all nominees in writing concerning the disposition of their applications, and it will release a Public Notice announcing appointment of the CAC members and the date of the Committee’s first meeting.

FCC CAC Solicits Round of Nominations for Membership