FCC Commissioner Carr Slams Twitter for Tagging President Trump Tweets

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Federal Communications Commissioner Brendan Carr slammed social media and their Sec. 230 exemption from liability for how they handle third-party content--both taking it down and leaving it up. Tucker Carlson asked Commissioner Carr why the White House and Congress had not done anything about the exemption. Commissioner Carr cited the reports that the President's executive order would be "addressing some of these issues," then went off on social media himself.  He said that if social media want to be political actors, "they have First Amendment rights, but they shouldn't necessarily have these special bonus protections that only that set of actors have in Sec. 230." Commissioner Carr added his own twist to the argument, suggesting Twitter was engaged in the kind of unfair and deceptive business practice that the Federal Trade Commission should be interested in checking out.  "Put aside the fact that they can choose to speak," he said, "you can't have it both ways. You can't go to Congress and say 'we're neutral politically and then engage in this type of conduct.'"

FCC Commissioner Carr Slams Twitter for Tagging POTUS Tweets