FCC Commissioner Carr Remarks at Senate Broadband Caucus -- "Agriculture and Broadband for Strong Rural Communities"

We know the need for broadband in rural America. And we know the lost productivity and the lost job opportunities when fast connections are lacking. And yet the struggle to connect rural America— the financial cost, and the sheer sweat and elbow grease it takes—is hard to understate. From back here in DC, it’s often hard to appreciate the sheer quantity of data that today’s farmers and ranchers need to get their jobs done.  At the Federal Communications Commission, we are committed to taking steps to close the digital divide and ensure that everyone has access to the opportunities that broadband enables. But we have more work to do to bring better, faster, and cheaper broadband to more Americans. This means we need to keep cutting the regulatory red tape that needlessly drives up the costs of deploying broadband infrastructure. We need to keep freeing up spectrum for next-generation uses. And we need to continue supporting rural broadband providers through programs like our Connect America Fund.

FCC Commissioner Carr Remarks at Senate Broadband Caucus