FCC Authorizes Second Wave of Funding for Rural Broadband From Connect America Fund Auction

The Federal Communications Commission authorized $166.8 million in funding over the next decade to expand broadband to 60,850 unserved rural homes and businesses in 22 states, representing the second wave of support from 2018's successful Connect America Fund Phase II auction. Providers will begin receiving funding in June. In total, the auction last fall allocated $1.488 billion in support to expand broadband to more than 700,000 unserved rural homes and small businesses over the next 10 years. The FCC authorized the first wave of funding in May, providing $111.6 million in funding over the next decade to expand service to 37,148 unserved homes and businesses in 12 states. To date, the first two rounds of authorizations are providing $278.4 million over the next decade to expand service to 97,998 new locations. Over the coming months, the FCC will be authorizing additional funding as it approves the final applications of the winning bidders from the auction.

FCC Authorizes $166.8 Million to Expand Rural Broadband in 22 States FCC Announces Second Wave of Rural Broadband Funds (B&C) Verizon to Turn Up Gigabit Service in Rural Markets Using CAF-II Funding, $166.8M Authorized by FCC (telecompetitor)