FCC Announces its June 2023 Open Meeting Agenda

Federal Communications Commission Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel announced the agenda for its June 2023 Open Commission Meeting. In June 2023, the FCC is:

  • Accelerating improvements to 911. Many states and localities are investing aggressively to roll out Next Generation 911, which will support voice, text, data, and video and make the 911 system more resilient. To speed this transition, the FCC will vote on a proposal to ensure that service providers connect to new NG911 networks on a timely and compatible basis.
  • Empowering consumers to block robocalls and robotexts. One of the most frustrating things about unwanted robocalls and robotexts is the feeling that there’s little you can do to stop them. The FCC will consider a proposal to strengthen the ability of consumers to decide which robocalls and robocalls they wish to receive. 
  • Exploring creative ways to put spectrum to its highest value use. With ever-increasing demand for wireless services and a finite supply of airwaves, it’s more than important than ever that we make sure spectrum is being used as efficiently as possible. The FCC will consider a proposal to test several innovative, non-exclusive spectrum access models in 500 megahertz of greenfield spectrum in the 42 GHz band, which is ideal for experimentation due to the lack of incumbent licensees.
  • Consider an adjudicatory item from the Media Bureau.

June 2023 Open Meeting Agenda