FCC Acting Chairwoman Rosenworcel Remarks to Supply Chain Integrity Workshop

There can no longer be any question that, when it comes to network security, the threats are real, the stakes are high, and our defenses need to constantly evolve and improve. At the Federal Communications Commission, under my leadership, we are pursuing a proactive, three-pronged strategy to building a more secure, resilient, and next-generation communications supply chain for this 5G future. To start, we are taking direct action to slow down untrusted vendors both at home and abroad. But we are also recognizing that “Just Say No” is not a strategy. So we are moving fast to speed the way for trustworthy innovation. Finally, we are collaborating across government, with industry, and with partner nations on a multifaceted, strategic approach to protect our networks from all threats. 

Rosenworcel Remarks to Supply Chain Integrity Workshop