Facebook partners with Appalachian Power and GigaBeam Networks to provide internet in Virginia

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Facebook is partnering with Appalachian Power, a utility that serves the southeastern region of the US, and Virginia-based internet service provider GigaBeam Networks to bring fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) and wireless internet service to approximately 6,000 unserved households in Grayson County (VA). In Virginia, Facebook is building new long-haul fiber routes that will connect its Virginia, Ohio, and North Carolina data centers. When completed, these new routes will open up the potential for small local carriers to make use of excess capacity to provide connectivity to underserved areas, such as Grayson County, where the state of Virginia is also piloting a smart grid project. Bringing fiber-based services to rural areas such as Grayson County helps bridge the economic gap present in those communities by providing access to resources for education, job creation, and telemedicine. FTTH networks are also key building blocks for future-proofing connectivity, because they can support technological changes.

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