Extending America's 5G Leadership

Federal Communications Commissioner Brendan Carr detailed his plan to extend US leadership in 5G at an event hosted by the American Enterprise Institute.  Highlights of Commissioner Carr’s plan:

  • On the spectrum front in 2021:
    • Auction 100 MHz of spectrum in the 3.45 GHz band at 5G power levels
    • Auction the 100+ MHz of spectrum in the 2.5 GHz band
    • Adopt an order that permits very low power devices to operate in the 6 GHz band
    • Seek comment on increasing the power levels for CBRS operations in the 3.5 GHz band
  • And for 2022 and beyond:
    • Auction the 50 MHz of spectrum between 1300-1350 MHz in 2022
    • Auction another millimeter wave band in 2022, with the 42 GHz as a prime candidate
    • Auction spectrum in the lower 3 GHz, 4.8 GHz, and 7 GHz bands after 2022
  • On infrastructure and policy:
    • Produce targeted broadband maps by Fall 2021, not 2022
    • Start the 5G Fund auction early next year to support rural builds
    • Create a Federal Lands Desk at the FCC to address permitting delays on federal lands
    • Act on pending infrastructure reforms to drive down the costs of reaching rural areas
    • Expand the tower crews needed to complete 5G builds through Commissioner Carr’s 5G jobs initiative
    • Reject heavy-handed policies that would turn back the clock on the progress we’ve made

Extending America's 5G Leadership Carr Announces Plan to Extend U.S. Leadership in 5G (Press release)