Ellen Pao says it's time to 'shake out' people in tech who don't believe in inclusion

Source: USAToday
Author: Jessica Guynn
Coverage Type: reporting
Silicon Valley, Palo Alto, CA, United States

Ellen Pao has a message for Silicon Valley: It's time for the white male-dominated tech industry to "reset" itself.

"When I use the term reset, it's really that we need to shake out the people who don't believe in inclusion and bring in the people who have been excluded," she said. Pao says she figured hard work and her "super power" (sleeping remarkably few hours a night) could overcome the inequities thrown in her path. "It's not something you want to believe. It takes a lot to shake that belief out of you," Pao said. But, when she had trouble getting investments approved and to holding onto companies that were doing well, she noticed she wasn't the only one being denied opportunities that came easily to men. "There's a point where I realized that other women were doing much better work and had much more successful investments than the men," she said. "It made me realize the system really wasn't fair and it really wasn't based on merit."


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