Deputy Secretary Graves and Gov Pierluisi Highlight Digital Equity Programs in Puerto Rico

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Deputy Secretary Graves met with the Governor of Puerto Rico Pedro Pierluisi, in addition to a wide range of local leaders and stakeholders, to discuss how the federal government and Puerto Rico can work together to advance a shared economic development agenda in partnership with the people of Puerto Rico. Together, they met with public and private groups to discuss challenges and recommendations for economic growth on the island. This included a Build Back Better Regional Challenge (BBBRC) Coalition Conversation consisting of a tour and roundtable with the Puerto Rico Department of Economic Development and Commerce (DDEC) — a BBBRC Finalist. The Commerce Department will ultimately award 20-30 regional coalitions between $25 and $100 million to implement 3-8 projects that support an industry sector. In addition to these key engagements, the Deputy Secretary also convened with public and private sector officials at the Center for a New Economy (CNE) think tank. Representatives from Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association, the Chamber of Commerce and NGO leaders in education, energy, housing, and telecommunications explained their goals for digital equity and economic development on the island as a part of this meeting.

Deputy Secretary Graves Meets with Governor Pierluisi, Highlights Commerce Department’s Economic Development and Digital Equity