Court Denies LightBox’s Motion for Judgment on FCC's Broadband Fabric Contract

This protest challenges the award of a contract to provide a massive data set for the Government to use in determining which structures in the United States can have broadband internet service installed. Congress has tied more than $40 billion of infrastructure funding to availability maps that the Federal Communications Commission must produce using the data set provided under this contract. LightBox Parent, L.P. challenges the award to CostQuest Associates, Inc., alleging that CostQuest made multiple material misrepresentations in its proposal regarding the terms of a third-party licensing agreement that LightBox is not a party to. Because the Court concludes that CostQuest made no material misrepresentation, the Court denies LightBox’s motion for judgment on the administrative record and grants the Government’s and CostQuest’s motions for judgment on the administrative record.