Common Networks offers 300 Mbps fixed wireless

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Common Networks, a Silicon Valley startup founded by former executives from payment company Square, announced the next stage in its fixed wireless broadband strategy with the launch of a symmetric 300 Megabits per second (Mbps) service for $49 per month. Common Networks is roughly three and a half years old, and said its fixed wireless broadband is made possible through the use of proprietary software built on open 5G technology, millimeter wave (mmWave) radio and its own software stack. The company currently covers 100,000 people in the Bay Area with its 802.11ac/ad wireless network running in the unlicensed 5GHz and 60GHz bands. The company’s aim is to provide fast broadband using wireless technology in dense urban areas, relying on homes in a single community as distributed infrastructure.

Common Networks offers 300 Mbps fixed wireless This startup delivers 5G internet broadband for $49 a month (C|Net)