Comcast is selling its 600MHz spectrum licenses to T-Mobile because it’s ‘unlikely’ to need them

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Several years ago, Comcast acquired wireless spectrum in the CBRS and 600 MHz bands as a key building block to host even more data traffic on its own wireless networks. Beginning Sept 2023, after successful employee tests of the CBRS spectrum, Xfinity Mobile and Comcast Business Mobile customers in Philadelphia will start connecting to the company's new 5G network for the first time. This strong CBRS spectrum performance has made Comcast realize that it is unlikely to need the 600 MHz spectrum licenses that it currently holds to support wireless customers. As a result, Comcast recently entered into an agreement with T-Mobile in which T-Mobile will lease and eventually purchase Comcast's licenses in the 600 MHz band. Comcast will receive quarterly lease payments followed by a final payment of roughly $3.3 billion for the license purchase, expected in 2028.

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