Chairwoman Rosenworcel’s Response to Rep. Matsui and Rep. Guthrie Regarding Updates to Satellite Rules

On March 14, Reps Doris Matsui (D-CA) and Brett Guthrie (R-KY) wrote to Federal Communications Commission Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel about updating the FCC's satellite rules. Chairwoman Rosenworcel replied on March 30 saying the FCC is updating its satellite rules to better support a more vibrant satellite ecosystem. This is part of a broader effort to ensure American leadership and strength in the new space economy, lay the groundwork for competition that will benefit consumers and innovation, and safeguard the long-term sustainability of our outer space activities. Chairwoman Rosenworcel is increasing the size of the FCC’s satellite division by 38 percent and speeding up the commission’s regulatory review processes to keep pace with the realities of today’s satellite marketplace. The FCC also is opening up new opportunities for new or expanded satellite broadband networks. In November, the commission cleared the way for two new low-Earth orbiting constellations that will bring broadband and internet of things services to consumers, businesses, and government customers. In August, the FCC launched a new processing round for non-Geostationary satellites that want to use the V-band, resulting in applications seeking approval for nearly 38,000 new satellites that will offer global broadband. In April, the FCC identified spectrum for the first time to support increased competition among commercial space launch providers and launch sites, which will help promote the industry overall.

Chairwoman Rosenworcel’s Response to Rep. Matsui and Rep. Guthrie Letter from Rep. Matsui and Rep. Guthrie