Chairman Pai visits Woodland farms and the Sacramento region

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Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai visited Woodland and the Sacramento (CA) region on March 24 and 25, stopping at AgStart in downtown and the Muller Ranch west of town. “I’m in Sacramento, exploring #digitaldivide,” Chairman Pai announced via Twitter on March 25. “Appreciate local leaders sharing yesterday how broadband can benefit Californians in terms of telemedicine, precision agriculture, public safety communications, educational opportunity, and more.” Again, via Twitter, Chairman Pai said that “Broadband is increasingly critical to America’s farms and ranches. I heard that firsthand from Frank Muller here in rural Yolo County. Muller reports that connectivity could help him be much more productive.”

FCC chairman Ajit Pai visits Woodland farms, AgStart FCC Chairman Ajit Pai tours region to promote broadband access to farms and rural homes (Video)