Chairman Pai Calls on Congress to Repeal T-Band Mandate

In 2012, Congress passed legislation requiring the Federal Communications Commission to reallocate and auction T-Band spectrum used for decades by public safety licensees and fund the relocation of those licensees elsewhere. The agency has extensively analyzed the T-Band and concluded that moving forward is not viable—relocation costs for public safety licensees would likely far exceed any potential auction revenue, making it impossible to fund the relocation and comply with the mandate. The Government Accountability Office has agreed—reporting to Congress that the T-Band mandate is unworkable and could deprive first responders of their current ability to communicate by radio. Because of these concerns, I’m calling on Congress to repeal the T-Band mandate. I’m hopeful that Congress can resolve this matter without delay. Doing so will not only protect public safety communications in the T-Band but will also allow our dedicated auction staff to focus in 2020 on auctions that will make new airwaves available for 5G, like spectrum in the 3.5 GHz and 3.7 GHz bands.

The FCC issued a Public Notice Dec 2 suspending the processing of applications for T-Band licenses, including renewals, in accordance with the current T-Band mandate to hold an auction in 2021.

Chairman Pai Calls on Congress to Repeal T-Band Mandate WTB and PSHSB suspend the processing of T-Band renewal applications (Public Notice) FCC's Pai Joins Call for Congress to Ax T-Band Auction (B&C)