Benton Senior Fellow Gigi Sohn Says Mozilla Suit Could Lead to Reinstatement of Obama-era Net Neutrality Rules

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Benton Senior Fellow Gigi Sohn, previously counselor to former Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler, said that current FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's attempt to repeal network neutrality rules could result in the reinstatement of the former rules. "If this prevails in the court, yes, the 2015 rules should come back," said Sohn, referring to the Mozilla suit, the case that is challenging the decision to end the Obama-era rules. "The court can do many different things to resolve this. They could send it back to the FCC, and say look, you didn't give it an adequate enough rationale for what you did, go back and try again," she continued.  "Or it could say, look, you completely screwed up, we're just going to vacate what you did, eliminate what you did, and then the 2015 rules would come back," she said. 

Ex-FCC counselor says Mozilla suit could lead to reinstatement of Obama-era net neutrality rules