Average US Pay TV Customer Is Paying $204 a Month for Broadband and Video Entertainment, says TiVo

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Americans are paying almost as much for connected living room services as they are for electricity, natural gas and water, according to TiVo's Q4 Video Trends Report. TiVo's latest survey said that US consumers who still take traditional bundled video are spending, on average, $124.40 a month for pay TV and broadband, up 11 percent in the six months from when TiVo conducted its Q2 report in 2021. Add to that a bill Netflix and other subscription streaming services, and pay TV consumers are forking out an average of $203.60 a month for internet and video entertainment. TiVo headlined its latest Q4 survey, "The Great Rebundling Possibly Reaching Point of Saturation." And yes, there are other indicators that consumers simply can't afford to buy anymore Peak TV. Within the next six months, a quarter of respondents said they are likely to cancel one or more SVOD services.  The average number of total video services used by US consumers reached 8.8 in the second quarter of 2021, up over 6.9 at the end of 2020. But indicating a post-pandemic deceleration, the average grew to just 8.9 services in the fourth quarter of last year.

TiVo: Average U.S. Pay TV Customer Is Paying $204 a Month for Broadband and Video Entertainment