An American Industrial Strategy for US Tech Leadership: Investing in Competitiveness, Innovation, and Equity

The United States and our allies are in a high-stakes technology competition with authoritarian adversaries. How this competition plays out will profoundly shape our economic security – our ability to innovate, grow exports, create jobs of the future, and provide opportunities to all our people. It will also shape our national security – our ability to protect our advantages while preserving our freedoms and democratic values at home and abroad. And let us not be mistaken, who leads on technology will shape the future of a stable, inclusive, rules-based world order – whether one based on democratic norms like the free flow of information, data privacy, and an open internet, or the alternative. Government, business, and educational institutions need to work together to expand workforce pipelines, train workers to fill high-paying jobs, expand access to finance to small business and small manufacturers, and ensure that historically underserved communities have the tools to participate and thrive in the economy. To this end, we are deploying nearly $50 billion under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act to bring affordable, reliable high-speed internet to every American, with a dedicated focus on equitable access so that unserved and underserved communities aren’t left behind.

Remarks by Deputy Secretary of Commerce Don Graves at the Information Technology Industry Council