American Cable Association: Our Members Don't Warrant Title II

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The American Cable Association says that if the Federal Communications Commission does reclassify, the association wants it to make clear that Internet access is an interstate service, so states could not decide to impose their own regulations despite an FCC exemption.

ACA also wants to make sure that ACA members are not paying telecommunications pole attachments rates, which can be higher than the cable rate. ACA says the FCC has not been listening to its arguments about the need to take into account the differences between larger Internet service providers and ACA's medium-sized and smaller members, as the law requires, or to recognize that its members have neither the incentive or ability to harm consumers or edge providers. ACA could sue if the result was Title II imposition without an exemption for his members. ACA argues that its members aren't large enough to thwart or congest or throttle and have no interest in doing that anyway. Among its concerns are potential rate regulation, either through rules or the complaint process.

American Cable Association: Our Members Don't Warrant Title II Cedar Falls Utilities, touted by President Obama, criticizes network neutrality plan (The Hill)