Advertisers to White House: Stick To Self-Regulation

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Ad agencies have at least one bone to pick with the White House over the Administration's Big Data report.

The report proposed, among other things, promoted legislation that would enhance communications privacy laws and put legislative muscle behind the voluntary agreements the Administration is pushing for as part of its privacy bill of rights.

The Association of National Advertisers praised the "thoughtful, balanced review" and the report's acknowledgement that "online advertising has been a vital driver of the growth of the Internet." It also said it supported national data breach legislation. But it was not so happy with suggestions for legislating privacy protections.

"[W]e do not believe there is a present need for broad new privacy legislation," ANA said. "Rather, consumers can be best protected through a combination of existing privacy laws and regulations, privacy enhancing technologies, effective self-regulation and the ultimate backstop of the powers of the Federal Trade Commission to stop false, deceptive or unfair acts or practices."

Advertisers to White House: Stick To Self-Regulation