Strategies While We Wait for BEAD


Wednesday, December 6, 2023 - 3:00pm
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Virtual Event

With state and federal programs offering unprecedented levels of investment to help close the digital divide for rural Americans, broadband providers have been hard at work securing funding and planning their network builds. So, what should providers do if the much-anticipated BEAD funding faces delays from federal and state approvals, extending BEAD cycles into late 2024 and 2025? The industry is optimistic this won’t occur, but history tells us differently.

A webinar that will help you make the most of these possible delays. Moderated by Joan Engebretson and presented by Tim Arbeiter, Director of Consulting Services at Finley, this webinar will address a handful of scenarios that are weighing on the minds of ISP leaders, including:

  • How to plan for delays of implementation timelines and simple strategies to implement
  • Relationship building in: supply chain relationships, current and prospective contractors & IT providers
  • Strengthening existing networks

In the end, Finley’s subject matter experts will provide you with a strong understanding of each of these areas, enabling you to take on 2024 with gusto—no matter what it brings.