Capital Projects Fund Grant Plan Deadline

Department of Treasury

Saturday, September 24, 2022 - 11:59pm
Time Zone: 
Virtual Event

Grant Plans must be submitted through the Capital Projects Fund Portal by this deadline, after which the Capital Projects Fund Portal will be closed to new Grant Plans. A Grant Plan will consist of an executive summary, an Allocation Table showing the broad categories of Capital Projects the Recipient seeks to undertake using Capital Projects Fund grant funds (e.g., Broadband Infrastructure Projects, Digital Connectivity Technology Projects, MultiPurpose Community Facility Projects) and how much the Recipient intends to spend on each such category, and one or more Program Plans. Each Program Plan is intended to provide more detailed information on a particular type of Capital Project(s) the Recipient intends to undertake, and constitutes an Eligible Applicant’s request for funding for those Capital Projects. For example, a State might file a Grant Plan that indicates that it intends to spend funding on broadband deployment throughout the State, and a Program Plan that provides detailed information on its deployment plan for only some of the counties in the State. Later, it could file Program Plans detailing its deployment plans for other counties in the State.