Applying for E-rate is Hard...Could it Get Harder?

Schools Health & Libraries Broadband Coalition

Wednesday, May 25, 2022 - 1:00pm
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Virtual Event

In order to reduce the "risk" of waste, fraud, and abuse within the E-rate program, the Federal Communications Commission is considering changes to the competitive bidding rules that could take decision-making authority away from schools and libraries. SHLB and many E-rate applicants have come out staunchly against this proposal, fearing that it would be so burdensome that some schools and libraries won't apply for E-rate at all. Commenters have found little-to-no evidence that the FCC proposal would prevent fraud and instead suggest that the FCC should look at improving its data analytics. SHLB's next webinar will explore why the FCC is pursuing this idea and what alternative measures would be more cost-effective.