Advance Community Leaders Roundtable

Colorado Broadband Office

Wednesday, January 18, 2023 - 10:30am
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Virtual Event

With the new year, the Colorado Broadband Office (CBO) is excited to launch the Broadband Ready Community Program. This program will create an opportunity for communities in Colorado to become “broadband ready” ahead of upcoming historic federal funding disbursement. Through the past year of stakeholder engagement, we have gathered that local communities could greatly benefit from a guided approach to understanding their broadband needs as they begin to plan long-term projects. We have developed a list of tasks (“Broadband Community Checklist” to be posted to our website soon) that communities can adopt on their way to becoming broadband ready. Becoming certified as a Broadband Ready Certified Community with the CBO not only equips and educates local communities but also identifies them as willing partners that have minimized barriers to broadband infrastructure deployment. Utilization of the Checklist is voluntary and a Broadband Ready Certified Community designation is not required to receive funding via the Advance Colorado Broadband program.

At the Advance Industry Roundtable on Jan. 17 and the Advance Community Leader Roundtable on Jan. 18. CBO will discuss the Broadband Ready Community Program in detail.


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