Coronavirus and Connectivity

Through our Headlines news service, Benton is tracking the role of broadband in the response to coronavirus (COVID-19). Click on titles below for full summaries of articles and links to sources.

USTelecom Seeks Major Temporary Deregulation Help from FCC

Telecommunication Internet service providers have provided the Federal Communications Commission with a laundry list of coronavirus-related temporary deregulation, including waiving deadlines, suspending rules, and providing more funding, all to a

Commissioner Starks Statement On Congress's Passage Of The Cares Act

I welcome Congress’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic with a much-needed economic stimulus program that will help workers, consumers, health care providers, and businesses across America.

Cisco's Wollenweber tracks COVID-19's impact on networks using peering points

Cisco's Kevin Wollenweber has turned into a COVID-19 sleuth of sorts over the past few weeks as he tracks the virus' impact on service provider networks via some of the major internet peering exchanges.

Advocates are desperately trying to get more people phone and internet service

Many advocates are calling on the Federal Communications Commission to significantly expand its Lifeline program. More than 250 organizations called on the FCC to provide low-income households with unlimited talk and text plans.

This map shows how millions of Americans are isolated with no internet during coronavirus pandemic

While much of the US hunkers down to work and shop online, large swaths of the country are trying to cope without an internet connection, leaving millions of households cut off from vital services and information during the pandemic.

Internet Speed Analysis: Top 200 Cities, March 15th – 21st

How are networks are holding up in the top 200 cities? We’ve compared the median download speeds internet users have been experiencing for the week of March 15th – March 21st to the range of speeds experienced in prior weeks of 2020.

FCC Ensures Americans Can Access Zoom and WebEx During COVID-19 Crisis

The Federal Communications Commission issued a temporary waiver of its access arbitrage rules to Inteliquent, a telecommunications company that carries traffic for two of the nation’s largest conference calling providers, Zoom Video Communications

FCC Grants WISPs Temporary 5.9 GHz Spectrum Access for Rural Broadband

The Federal Communications Commission granted temporary spectrum access to 33 wireless Internet service providers serving 330 counties in 29 states to help them serve rural communities facing an increase in broadband needs during the COVID-19 pand

How Many Americans Lack High-Speed Internet?

Not everyone in the US has internet access. There are more than 14 million people without any internet access and 25 million without the faster and more reliable

Chairman Pai's Response to Senator Cantwell Regarding COVID-19

On March 5 and 6, Sen Maria Cantwell (D-WA) wrote to the Federal Communications Commission to urge it to consider how the FCC's existing authority and programs, as well as temporary policies or rule waivers, may be used to secure the nation's safe