Coronavirus and Connectivity

Through our Headlines news service, Benton is tracking the role of broadband in the response to coronavirus (COVID-19). Click on titles below for full summaries of articles and links to sources.

Coronavirus pushes traditional businesses into the digital age

A slew of old-line industries that once hesitated to embrace digital technologies are now being forced to do so for the sake of survival. Once consumers get used to accessing services digitally — from older restaurants finally embracing online ord

USTelecom Proposes Changes in FCC's Rural Health Care Program During Pandemic

In order to provide further support to healthcare providers, the Federal Communications Commission should, in addition to adopting final rules for the proposed Connected Care Pilot Program, consider the following actions during the emergency:

Satellite Internet Company OneWeb Files for Bankruptcy

OneWeb, one of the companies looking to use constellations of satellites to provide competition to terrestrial and wireless broadband providers, has filed for bankruptcy and will try to sell the company.  OneWeb suggested it was on the verge of ge

Coronavirus crunch may expose weakness in your broadband plan: much slower upload speeds

Binge-watching in high-def isn’t an act of irresponsibility in a moment of crisis. “The internet as a whole is fine,” agrees Doug Suttles, CEO of the bandwidth-measurement firm Ookla.

Rural internet's importance highlighted by coronavirus

Getting broadband internet access to rural areas has been a goal for rural advocates and service providers alike for years, but the COVID-19 pandemic has made such access more important than ever.

Coronavirus has made the digital divide more dangerous than ever

Living indoors to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, millions of Americans are turning to the Internet to meet their most pressing needs. This massive shift online poses troubling barriers to the least digitally connected Americans. The dis

Broadband is now our lifeline, but 20 million still lack access

The past month has taught us that the internet is the one indispensable tool Americans have amidst this crisis.

Working From Home During Coronavirus Pandemic Hasn’t Broken Internet

Home internet and wireless connectivity in the US have largely withstood unprecedented demands as more Americans work and learn remotely.

Locked Out of the Virtual Classroom

America came face to face with the festering problem of digital inequality when most of the country responded to the coronavirus pandemic by shutting elementary and high schools that serve more than 50 million children.

The Achievement Gap is 'More Glaring Than Ever' For Students Dealing with School Closures

As the virus that causes COVID-19 spreads, the nation’s K-12 schools and colleges have been forced to weigh health recommendations against the needs of students, many of whom are caught in the digital divide separating those who have Internet acce