Adrianne B. Furniss

Executive Director

Adrianne manages staff and our relationships with Benton experts, partners, and supporters in service to Benton's mission and in consultation with Benton's Trustees and Board of Directors. Previously, she held management positions at both non-profit and for-profit content creation companies, focused on program development, marketing, and distribution.


Adrianne's Editorials:

2023 Charles Benton Broadband & Society Prize

The Importance of the Universal Service Fund

The Importance and Effectiveness of the E-Rate Program

The Importance and Effectiveness of the Lifeline Program

Preserving and Advancing Universal Service

USF Programs Should Embrace Competition

Sustaining Universal Service Programs

Visions of Digital Equity Principles

2023 Charles Benton Digital Equity Awards

The Infrastructure Law is Still about More than Money

Island Institute’s Rural Community Engagement Amplifies Maine’s Broadband Efforts

Philanthropy Joins Hands to Build a New Generation of Leaders to Help Bring People Online

Texas Rural Funders Plays an Essential Role in State Broadband Efforts

The Just Transition Fund Invests in Closing the Digital Divide to Strengthen Economic Resilience in Coal-Affected Communities

Health Conversion Foundations Leverage Matching Grants to Bring Broadband Infrastructure to Virginia Counties

Philanthropy Builds Capacity So Equity Is at the Forefront of Broadband Infrastructure Dollars Spent in California

Experts in Community Networks and Tribal Connectivity Collaborate With Philanthropy to Address the Digital Divide in Native American Communities

Heartland Forward Helps Accelerate Community-Driven Broadband Infrastructure Planning

Chicago Mobilized Philanthropy to Connect School Kids, Then Built On These Partnerships to Accomplish Broader Digital Equity Goals

How Philanthropy Can Help Communities Reach Their Broadband Goals

What's Our Vision of Digital Equity?

2022 TPRC Charles Benton Early Career Scholar Awards

Get Your ACP

Broadband and Building Community

Broadband in Five Years

E Pluribus Unum and Universal Broadband

Happy Belated Birthday, Andrew Jay Schwartzman

2022 Charles Benton Digital Equity Awards

How NTIA Can Use Historic Investments to Ensure Universal Broadband

The Infrastructure Bill is About More than Money

Benton and TPRC Celebrate 5 years of Charles Benton Early Career Scholar Awards

Lifeline Needs A Lifeline

2021 Charles Benton Digital Equity Champion Award

2020 TPRC Charles Benton Early Career Scholar Awards

On Democracy, Unity, & Broadband

Celebrate Digital Equity Advocates

America Needs Broadband Now

On Juneteenth, Recognize Broadband’s Role in Building a Just Society

Introducing the Benton Institute for Broadband & Society

2019 TPRC Charles Benton Early Career Scholar Award

Getting the E-Rate to Deliver the High-Speed Broadband Connections Schoolchildren Need

Presentation of the Fourth Annual Charles Benton Digital Equity Champion Awards

Our Day in Court (with Andrew Jay Schwartzman)

Stop Fanning The Flames

What You Stand For

Time to Change the Terms

Presenting the 2018 Charles Benton Junior Scholar Award

The Press, The People, Are Not The Enemy

An Open Letter to My Daughters on Net Neutrality

Mignon Clyburn, Speaking Up For You

2018 Charles Benton Digital Equity Award

Millions Could Lose Service if FCC 'Reforms' Lifeline Program

Transparency Isn’t the End, We Need Responsive Leadership

The Sputnik Lesson: We Can’t Win the Broadband Race by Slowing Down

Together, Sallet, Riedl, and Benton Working for Fast, Fair, and Open Broadband for All

The Public’s Advocate

Presenting the Initial Charles Benton Junior Scholar Award

Gigabit Citizenship

Presentation of Charles Benton Digital Equity Award to Emy Tseng

Benton Stands With Toby to Say "Don't Delete Big Bird"

Chairman Pai, Tell Us What You're Thinking About Freedom of the Press

When the Pai FCC Abandons the Public Interest, Who You Gonna Call?

Make America First in Broadband Again

Celebrating Chairman Wheeler’s Gift to the American People

Access, Diversity, and Equity are More Important Now Than Ever

Innovators in Digital Inclusion

Benton and Rhinesmith Continue Digital Inclusion Research Partnership

Benton Partners With SHLB to Nourish Communities With Broadband

Let Me Hear Your Yawp

Digital Inclusion Heroes

What a Difference a Year Makes

The Lifeline from Digital Desert to Digital Opportunity

Happy 20th Anniversary, Telecommunications Act

Where We Go From Here