Ryan Johnston

North Carolina looks to challenge FCC over broadband coverage

North Carolina officials are streamlining a self-reporting tool that allows residents to document their internet speed, in hopes of mounting a challenge against the Federal Communication Commission’s broadband coverage map data. Jeff Sural, direct

How cities can create a trustworthy privacy model

The growth of digital government services and internet-connected devices scattered across urban landscapes is giving city officials access to ever-increasing amounts of data on their constituents.

San Jose announces plan to extend public Wi-Fi

San Jose (CA) and AT&T announced a new project to outfit the city’s streetlights and public parks with public Wi-Fi routers and earthquake sensors. The city plans to outfit 550 streetlights with LED lights, and install 670 smart-lighting contr

Broadband expert says USDA shutdown is hurting rural internet expansion

For municipalities looking to start their own broadband services, 2019 hasn’t gotten off to a great start.