Hayley Tsukayama

Authors group pushes for NSA reform, while there’s still time

A Q&A with Suzanne Nossel, executive director of PEN American Center.

Microsoft’s massive layoffs target Nokia division

Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella announced that up to 18,000 of his employees will get pink slips by 2015, as part of a massive round of layoffs.

You may never see a penny of the $400 million Apple just agreed to pay e-book buyers

Apple has agreed to pay e-book customers $400 million to settle a class-action lawsuit over its e-book pricing practices. But don't get too excited. The company is only going to pay under certain conditions.

Authors Guild president to Amazon: No, thanks. We don’t want your money.

A Q&A with Authors Guild president Roxana Robinson.

Adults without landlines are more likely to be smokers and heavy drinkers

New results released by the Centers for Disease Control reveal that two of every five American households have ditched their landlines for cellphones -- and there are interesting differences between the health of households that still have landlin

Authors weigh in on Amazon, Hachette dispute

The clash between Amazon.com and publishing giant Hachette has taken a new turn, as hundreds of authors asked readers to write e-mails to Amazon's chief executive Jeffrey P. Bezos to protest the web retailer's tough tactics.

Google wants to follow you everywhere, from your car to your living room

Google, already the world's leading search engine, wants a place in the rest of your life, too.

Sprint offers free 30-day trial of its overhauled network

Sprint announced that it's going to let consumers take a 30-day test run with its network as part of a push to advertise a string of network tune-ups it has made across the country.

T-Mobile, bundles and the future of entertainment

T-Mobile threw another one of its flashy "Uncarrier" events again, announcing that it will not charge its customers for data they use when listening to streaming music from some of the industry's top services.

Amazon unveils its smartphone. But who will buy it?

[Commentary] Forget point-and-shoot. This is point-and-shop. Amazon.com announced that it's officially getting into the smartphone market, releasing the Fire Phone -- a clear play to get more users for its $99 per year Amazon Prime membership.