Carmen Scurato

The FCC Must Abandon Its Plan to Disconnect Low-Income Families

The Federal Communications Commission has proposed a package of fatally flawed plans that would fundamentally undercut Lifeline.

Connecting the Dots: The Telecommunications Crisis in Puerto Rico

The report condemns the Federal Communications Commission for failing to adequately respond to the September 2017 hurricanes, which knocked out 95 percent of all cell sites, 97 percent of radio stations and all local television stations.

Lifeline Delegation Discusses Concerns with Lifeline Proceeding

A group of direct service providers, advocates, public interest groups and a Lifeline subscriber met separately with advisors to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Pai, Commissioner Rosenworcel and her advisor, advisors to Commissioners St

The Best Way to Protect Free Speech Online? De-Platform Hate.

Internet platforms like Facebook, Google and Twitter use core algorithms to intentionally gather likeminded people and feed them self-validating content that elicits powerful reactions.

Cutting off communication for Puerto Rican hurricane victims is just cruel

[Commentary] The Federal Communications Commission is pushing forward with changes to the Lifeline program, which would hamper recovery efforts and cut off hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans — who are also US citizens — from vital telec

NHMC Will Challenge the FCC’s Repeal of Net Neutrality Rules That Protect Latinos’ Rights to Speak and Be Heard Online

The National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) is prepared to seek judicial review of the Federal Communications Commission’s Network Neutrality repeal to ensure that Latinos and other marginalized communities continue to have access to an open Inte

The FCC is Ignoring 50,000 Consumer Complaints as it Moves Forward to Repeal Net Neutrality

[Commentary] The Federal Communications Commission’s record is missing key evidence: over 50,000 Net Neutrality consumer complaints submitted to the FCC between 2015 and 2017.

NHMC Submits Analysis of Open Internet Consumer Complaints into Record

The National Hispanic Media Coalition filed a letter on November 20, 2017 to submit an analysis of open internet consumer complaints and related documents produced in response to its FOIA requests.

First FCC Vote of 2017 Impairs the Public’s Ability to Hold Broadcasters Accountable

This is exactly the time that the public is looking to build trust with the media, fostering a productive dialogue that supports accurate coverage representative of diverse voices, and we are disappointed that the first FCC vote of 2017 deprives A