Profiles of the people who make or influence communications policy.

FCC Recharters CSRIC and Seeks Membership Nominations

The Federal Communications Commission announces the rechartering of the Communications Security, Reliability, and Interoperability Council (CSRIC), which will provide advice and recommendations to the FCC to improve the security, reliability, and

Q&A with Michael Copps: Trump Is Trying to Put FCC Out of Business

A Q&A with former Federal Communications Commissioner Michael Copps.

FCC “consumer advisory” panel includes ALEC, big foe of municipal broadband

A committee that advises the Federal Communications Commission on consumer-related matters now includes a representative of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which lobbies against municipal broadband, net neutrality, and other cons

Pete Buttigieg Revived South Bend With Tech. Up Next: America

Pete Buttigieg brought data, flow charts, and McKinsey-esque analysis to South Bend (IN) government—as well as a bit of philosophical humanism.

GAO Science, Technology Assessment, and Analytics Team: Initial Plan and Considerations Moving Forward

The 2019 Legislative Branch Appropriations Bill Conference Report encouraged the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) to reorganize its technology and science function by creating a new office within GAO and to report to the Legislative Branc

Detroit Hires Its First Director of Digital Inclusion

Detroit has hired its first director of digital inclusion, making it one of a growing number of cities to have a full-time employee within its government tackling issues of digital equity. The city tapped Joshua Edmonds to fill the new role.

Announcing Charter Renewal, Members, Next Meeting of FCC's Consumer Advisory Committee

The Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission announced the renewal of the charter of the FCC’s Consumer Advisory Committee, the appointment of members for the Committee’s tenth two-year term, and the Committee’s next meeting date, time, a

Life in the minority at the FCC

Federal Communications Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel is nearly two years into her second stint as a Democratic member of the FCC.

Ernest Hollings, a South Carolina Senator Who Pushed for Broadcast Cable Regulation, Dies at 97

Ernest F. Hollings, known as Fritz, a silver-haired South Carolina Democrat who served 38 years in the US Senate, died on April 6 at age 97. Hollings, who retired in 2004, had successfully pushed for broadcast cable regulation.

The Organization of Economists in Regulatory Agencies: Does Structure Matter?

The paper builds on a working group report that led to the creation of the Office of Economics and Analytics (OEA), which was formally established in Dec 2018. The Working Paper concludes that organizational consolidation of economists into a sing