FCC Reform

Congress is investigating Federal Communications Commission regulatory procedures to determine if they are being conducted in a fair, open, efficient, and transparent manner. Follow the debate here.

Comcast Remains Dedicated to Closing the Digital Divide

At Comcast, we remain committed to doing our part to help connect low-income households including:

Ending the ACP will Limit the Internet’s Economic and Healthcare Benefits for Low-Income Households

What does solving the digital divide look like? The simple answer—getting more people online—is tempting, but it’s just a first step. Focusing only on home adoption rates provides a too limited perspective on the benefits of solving the digital divide. Consistency of connectivity is a key issue for low-income households—and this consistency is an important part of what the Federal Communications Commission’s Affordable Connectivity Plan (ACP) offers. For many households, the digital divide is not a one-time bridge to cross. Instead, online connectivity can be episodic.

Possible Revision or Elimination of FCC Rules

The Federal Communication Commission invites the general public to comment on the Commission’s rules to be reviewed pursuant to the Regulatory Flexibility Act of 1980. The purpose of the review is to determine whether rules that the FCC adopted in calendar years 2007–2012 should be continued without change, amended, or rescinded in order to minimize any significant impact the rule(s) may have on a substantial number of small entities.

Comments on modification to FCC investigative, audit system of records due July 26

Comments on the proposed modification of an existing system of records, FCC/OIG–3, Investigative and Audit Files are due July 26, 2023. The Federal Communications Commission uses the investigative and audit files contained in the records in this system to carry out its duties and responsibilities under the Inspector General Act of 1978. The modification changes the scope of this system of records to add new routine uses, to update the exemptions the FCC claims for this system and to make other changes.

Commissioner Simington: FCC Commissioners Need Role in Reviewing Delegated Authority

Federal Communications Commissioner Nathan Simington told Congress that he and his fellow commissioners need to serve as a check on the power of the chair. According to testimony for the House Commerce Committee FCC oversight hearing, Commissioner Simington, a Republican, said that if the agency does not adopt rules allowing for full commission oversight of decisions made by staffers under authority delegated by the chair, Congress should step in to mandate it. “The FCC chair has broad discretion in delegating matters to career officials and political appointees, which restricts those matte

Chairwoman Rosenworcel Remarks at Satellite Industry Association Dinner

The Federal Communications Commission has big plans for that future. Because a few months ago, I announced a shake-up at the Federal Communications Commission. I shared my plans to reorganize the agency to create a new Space Bureau. This effort is part of what I believe needs to be a broader rethinking of satellite policy in the United States. There are now new technologies in the space industry, thousands of satellite applications pending before the agency, and so many more innovations on the horizon that I believe we cannot keep doing things the old way and expect to thrive in the new.

FCC Votes to Establish Space Bureau & Office of International Affairs

The Federal Communications Commission released an Order adopting the plan to establish a Space Bureau and Office of International Affairs. The planned reorganization will better support the needs of the growing satellite industry, promote long-term technical capacity at the FCC, and help the agency navigate 21st century global communications policy. As part of this plan, the agency will be eliminating the current International Bureau and incorporating that team into the new bureau and office.

FCC Takes Latest Step to Improve Satellite Application Processing

The Federal Communications Commission launched a proceeding to streamline its review processes for satellite applications.

FCC Chairwoman Rosenworcel Proposes Space Bureau

Federal Communications Commission Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel is planning to reorganize the FCC to better support the needs of the growing satellite industry, promote long-term technical capacity at the agency, and navigate 21st global communications policy. Under this plan, Chairwoman Rosenworcel will work to reorganize the FCC’s International Bureau into a new Space Bureau and a standalone Office of International Affairs.

Resounding Silence: The Need for Local Insights in Federal Broadband Policymaking

In the past, the Federal Communication Commission has made sweeping changes that have impacted communities without local input. The federal government is now poised to do the same again. This paper examines the public comment process at the FCC and whether municipal filers ultimately influence the Commission’s decisions. This paper suggests that the FCC must improve its community outreach efforts, specifically through the following suggestions: