Civic Engagement

New Facebook tools aim to help connect lawmakers, constituents

Facebook released a new set of tools to help facilitate civic engagement and discourse between voters and their representatives.

FCC's Open Internet Docket Explodes

The Federal Communications Commission's open internet docket, dubbed "Restoring Internet Freedom," has seen a huge wave of comments—or at least a major update of the number posted—since June 2, with over 4.9 million posted, up about 2 million from

In Trump’s America, Black Lives Matter activists grow wary of their smartphones

As a long-time political activist, Malkia Cyril knows how smartphones helped fuel Black Lives Matter protests with outraged tweets and viral video. But now Cyril is having second thoughts about her iPhone. Is it a friend or a foe?

Should Two Trump Two Million?

[Commentary] On May 18, I had the privilege of joining a people’s protest outside Federal Communications Commission headquarters in Washington (DC).

Fight for the Future Cites More 'Fake' FCC Comments

Fight for the Future sees dead people. At least it says a few have somehow filed anti-Title II comments to the Federal Communications Commission according to reports from the deceased's friends.

Someone impersonated them to slam the FCC’s net neutrality rules. Now they want answers.

More than a dozen people sent a letter to the Federal Communications Commission saying that their names and contact information were improperly used as part of a widespread political campaign meant to discredit the commission's network neutrality