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Pai Seeks Clarity on Broadband Privacy

Federal Communications Commission (FCC), 445 12th Street SW, Washington, DC, 20554, United States

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai has circulated an item for a vote that provides guidance on the broadband privacy rules that were in effect before its 2016 privacy order, apparently.

A Three-Step Plan to Promote Consumer Privacy

R Street Institute, 1050 17th St NW STE 1150, Washington, DC, 20036, United States

There are steps Congress can and should take to improve consumer privacy. Here are three big ones.

If you weren't raised in the Internet age, you may need to worry about workplace age discrimination

USA, United States

In job ads, some employers have begun listing “digital native” as a requirement for the position. The term, many say, is a “code word” for young workers who have grown up with technology and will be able to use new systems with ease.

Google faces $1 billion EU fine for abuse of dominance in search

Council of the European Union, Rue de la Loi 175, Brussels, B-1048, Belgium

Brussels plans to hit Google with a fine of more than $1.2 billion for abusing its dominance in search, a decision that is likely to inflame already strained transatlantic relations.

Senate Minority Leader Schumer (D-NY) calls for FCC crackdown on ringless robocalls

Capitol Building, E Capitol St NE & 1st St NE, Washington, DC, United States

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY) called on the Federal Communications Commission to block telemarketers from leaving ringless voicemails, a new technology for sales calls.

Ringless voicemail spam won’t be exempt from anti-robocall rules

Federal Communications Commission (FCC), 445 12th Street SW, Washington, DC, 20554, United States

A petition to exempt ringless voicemails from anti-robocall rules has been withdrawn after heavy opposition.

Analysis: Majority of FCC Comments Favor Repealing Internet Rules

Consumer Action, 221 Main Street, San Francisco, CA, 94105, United States

Free market group Consumer Action for a Strong Economy (CASE) says according to its analysis of the Federal Communications Commission's open internet docket, a majority (65%) favor repealing the Title II-based Open Internet order, as FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has proposed to do.

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