Google Limits Access to Airfare Data, Risking Antitrust Concerns

In 2010, when Google paid $700 million to acquire airline-data company ITA Software, the Department of Justice scrutinized the deal for antitrust issues.

Will Facebook Kill All Future Facebooks?

Since 2012, Facebook has repeatedly copied or acquired social-media apps that gain traction.

The Solution to Facebook Overload Isn't More Facebook

[Commentary]  In order to preserve our political democracy, which elevates the most popular among us (though perhaps not the finest) to power, we’ll seemingly abandon a total democracy of thought, which does the same for ideas.

Only Congress, Not the FCC, Can Fix Net Neutrality

[Commentary] In 2006, House Republicans passed legislation empowering the Federal Communications Commission to enforce the Open Internet Policy Statement, but the bill died in the Senate.

Internet Democracy Is Great … in Theory. Just Ask the FCC

The Federal Communications Commission says it wants to hear from you about the future of net neutrality.

Trump’s Campaign Can’t Just Erase History on the Internet

President Donald Trump's overhauled campaign website looks a lot like the original: the resident in a suit and red tie, embedded tweets pillorying #FakeNews, and “Make America Great Again” hats for sale in every color (plus camo, of course).

Here’s What Comes Next in the Fight to Save Net Neutrality

Once Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai’s notice of proposed rulemaking is approved, which is likely to happen at the FCC’s open meeting May 18, the public will have 60 days to file comments.