Why Facebook's Troubles Haven't Dented Its Profits

In response to the Cambridge Analytica story, Facebook has curbed outsiders’ access to its data, vowed to hire thousands of additional content reviewers, and offered users clearer privacy controls. “I don’t think they do anything that will cost th

Competition is at the Heart of Facebook's Privacy Problem

[Commentary] Americans should have rights to and control over their data. If we don’t like a service, we should be free to move our data to another.

Calling Facebook a Utility Would Only Make Things Worse

[Commentary] One phrase that keeps being tossed around: "Facebook should be treated like a utility." The idea is that the use of Facebook has become effectively essential to modern life, and therefore it should be regulated just like water or elec

FCC Delays are Keeping Broadband from Rural School Kids

Under the Trump administration, rural schools requesting funding for broadband expansion have faced record delays and denials, according to the non-profit EducationSuperHighway, which works to get schools connected to the internet.