USTelecom Discusses Broadband Mapping Consortium Pilot Project Preliminary Findings with FCC Commissioners

USTelecom met with FCC Commissioners Geoffrey Starks and Jessica Rosenworcel and their chiefs of staff on August 7 and 8, 2019 to discuss preliminary findings from the Broadband Mapping Consortium Pilot Project that USTelecom is leading along with

Preliminary Data Show Continued Upward Momentum for Broadband Investment

US broadband provider capital investment increased by approximately $3 billion in 2018, continuing the positive momentum shift that began in 2017 when the Federal Communications Commission initially signaled its intention to restore a forward-look

USTelecom Responds to Cable Entities on Broadband Mapping

USTelecom, the Independent Telephone andTelecommunications Alliance (ITTA) and the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA) filed a letter on April

Former FCC staffer Patrick Halley Joins USTelecom Leadership

Patrick Halley is USTelecom’s new Senior Vice President of Advocacy and Regulatory Affairs, the broadband group announced.

Broadband Capital Expenditures Once Again on Upward Trajectory

Broadband investment rebounded in 2017, as a series of positive consumer and innovation policies and a pro-growth regulatory approach helped reverse the industry’s previous spending pullback, according to new research released by USTelecom. USTele

Rural Broadband Economics: A Review of Rural Subsidies

In a paper commissioned by NTCA – The Rural Broadband Association and USTelecom, the authors examine communications networks, road networks, and electric power networks as three key network infrastructure industries; and the resulting vulnerabilit

DC Must Help Close Rural Digital Divide

In a recent spending bill, Congress made $600 million available for additional broadband deployment to America’s rural areas.